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 See if you qualify for money back for energy savings projects on your 2023 taxes

Updated: Mar 9


For weatherization of your home (more insulation, new windows and doors): 

If you bought an EV:

if you installed a heat pump:

If you installed solar on your roof?


Tax Credits for your home energy efficiency:

  • Visit the Rewiring America Calculator, put in how many people in your houses, your zip code, and your household income, and -presto- it will tell you your eligibility for tax credits for your energy saving projects.

  • The U. S. Dept. of Energy has two great websites which quantify the tax credits, answer your questions, and refer you to the right forms and guidance in the tax code to file your taxes:


Tax Credits for your rooftop solar:

  • The U. S. Dept. of Energy answers all your questions about tax credits for rooftop solar installations in Homeowner’s Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics.  But basically, you are eligible tax credit worth for a 30% of the cost of the rooftop solar installation for the rest of this decade and slightly beyond.

  • Once you have reviewed this information, talk to the installer of rooftop solar system about the fine points of claiming your tax credit.


You will not only save money.  You will reduce your emissions of greenhouse gases.  Congratulations.

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