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Municipal Actions Taken

Energy Transition Study

All 6 municipalities commissioned The Cadmus Group to develop a 100% Renewable Energy Transition Study for the greater West Chester area.


Public Charging Stations

Several publicly accessible EV charging stations have been installed in municipal facilities or parking lots in West Chester. Including: WCB Chestnut St Garage (which is powered by the solar canopy); WCB High St Garage; WCB Borough Hall; WWT Township Building; WGT Township Building;

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Energy Audit of Municipal Buildings

All of our municipalities have completed or have plans for a profession energy audit of municipal operations. Something should be done periodically because best practices are always being updated.


On-Site Solar

The Chestnut St Garage in West Chester Borough has a solar canopy on the roof which has been supplying carbon-free electricity to the garage since 2012. See Solar Dashboard

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EVs or Plug-In Hybrids in Fleet

Several EV and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles are in operation and more on the way. Some examples: WGT Police; WCB Code Inspection; 

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Geothermal HVAC

East Goshen Township Building installed a geothermal HVAC system in 2019.

egt geothermal.png

LED Lighting and Sensors

All of our municipal buildings have converted to LED lighting and many have installed occupancy sensors for meeting and other rooms.


Green Building Checklist

WCB has a non-binding checklist/survey for new building projects in the Borough. East Goshen uses a PA checklist. Others are considering.

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Building Electrification Plan

Some municipalities are considering developing or commissioning a Building Elelctrifiation Plan for municipal operations. Such a plan would set an example for residents and businesses on our area for methods of moving away from fossil fuel based heating.


LED Street & Traffic Lights

All of our municipalities have taken advantage of the DVRPC-led program to install LED lights into street and traffic lighting fixtures - where appropriate.


EV Ready Ordinance

WCB and W Goshen have passed EV Ready Ordinances that require new construction projects to include accommodations for EV Chargers that will save on installation costs for future owners or occupants.

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