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West Chester Area
Clean Energy Future

West Chester Area's Clean Energy Future is renewable, reliable, and affordable energy for the West Chester Area. The CEF team, with members from all 6 members of the WC Council of Governments, is working to inform and engage with every part of the Greater West Chester community on the topics of clean energy choices, impacts, and opportunities.

On this site, find resources for these 4 sectors (click the circles):


What EV should I buy?

  - Models

  - Rebates

  - Tax Credits

Heat Pump to replace my oil furnace.

  - Costs

  - Tax Credits

Induction Stoves can replace my gas stove.


To achieve West Chester Area’s 2035 and 2050 renewable energy goals, it is important to understand the current breakdown of energy generation sources. 

Learn about the tax credits available on our 2023 tax return for:

  • Energy Efficient Vehicles

  • Solar water heating costs

  • Solar electric costs

  • Fuel cell property costs

  • Small wind energy property costs

  • Geothermal heat pump property costs

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Since the start of the Clean Energy Future collaboration between the WC Area Council of Government (COG) municipalities, our individual Boards and Council have taken several significant steps towards reducing the carbon emissions of municipal operations and enabling residents and businesses to do the same. See the action list.

Chester County Resources

Chester County has embraced clean energy and sustainability in a big way - encouraging the private and public sector to plan for greenhouse gas reduction and consider local regulations that empower clean energy action. Find:

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Rewiring America

Generate a personalized electrification plan based on your particular home, lifestyle, and priorities — in just a few minutes. All your costs and savings, all in one place, so you can figure out what pencils out for you in the Rewiring America website.

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