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West Chester Area
Clean Energy Future

About CEF
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Current Focus


Opportunities for West Chester

  • What to the IRA and IIJA federal initiatives to incentivize energy efficiency, electrification and clean energy transition mean for West Chester?

  • Bonus Rebates from PECO
    PECO just announced "bonus rebates" - additional rebates on top of their existing incentives - for projects that address multiple items at the same time. From $200 to $770. Learn more at PECO Bonus Rebates

Current Focus

Residential: homeowners, renters, commuters, landlords, housing developers


Big Business:

business & shopping centers, industrial, hospital



universities, k-12 schools (public & private), daycares, community centers, other nonprofits


Small Business: restaurants, grocery, retail, services


Partners and Endorsements


The PECO Home Energy Assessment Team is collaborating with the CEF Steering Committee to offer in-home energy assessments to advice WC area residents on ways to reduce energy consumption and save on our energy bills.

Contact Mike Schneller at or 215-370-2866 with any questions. Ask about the WCA CEF discount!

Solarize Greater West Chester

The all-volunteer team, in collaboration with Solarize Southeast PA, is acting as an advocate for WC area residents that are interested in rooftop solar energy. Solarize/GWC is not associated with any installer, but will recommend local homeowners that have agreed to share their stories with their neighbors.

Contact Solarize/GWC at 


"The WCA Clean Energy Future initiative is an excellent example of local government and community collaboration to help us transition to a renewable energy future. One key step is the evaluation of a collective local government approach to purchase renewable electricity for municipal operations. With the cost of solar farms plummeting by 90% since 2009, there is the exciting possibility to both lower electricity costs for local government and reduce air pollution through a clean energy purchase power agreement."


“Our community is serious about curbing the serious health risks of carbon pollution. Renewable energy is now very much within reach, and buying clean energy for our electricity supply is an essential first step we can take. Taxpayers want to see their money go toward a stronger local economy with good jobs and community well-being, not pollution.”

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